Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

November 23, 2020 9:00 am

The kitchen has the potential to be the beating heart of any home. With friends and family bustling round the kitchen morning, noon, and night, getting kitchen design right is important. No matter how large your room, the latest efficient and smart designs can help you maximise your kitchen space. A well-executed design will leave you with a kitchen space to be lived in, rather than worked around. Seamless storage and spacious worktops will give you the space to enjoy hosting, cooking, and living in your kitchen. Here are just a few kitchen design ideas you can incorporate into your home.

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Settling on the Perfect Kitchen Design

If you are redesigning a smaller kitchen, there are plenty of clever storage solutions to help maximise space. The wall-to-wall shelving and storage of a galley kitchen will help make the most of every inch. This will avoid leaving behind empty corners with little practical use. Neutral colours and a simple, minimalist finish will help make the kitchen feel less crowded. Keeping overhead storage limited to one wall will also create a greater sense of openness. A well-executed galley design will create space in your kitchen you didn’t know you had.

For a larger space, you might consider a U or L-shaped kitchen worktop. Alongside this, for open plan designs and kitchen diners, a kitchen island is a great addition to a bustling kitchen space. There are now plenty of island designs suited for use as both storage units and dining tables. This means a kitchen island can be incorporated even into more modestly-sized kitchens.

The best designs are adaptable. Not only are the best kitchens and kitchen-diners stunning to look at, but equally practical. After all, a kitchen is not just a room to cook, but a room we live in. Whether hosting a party or cooking a family meal, a kitchen design needs to meet the demands of our busy lives.

Consult the Experts in Kitchen Design

However, nailing that perfect kitchen plan doesn’t have to be daunting. Whatever kind of advice and help you are looking for when designing new kitchens in Ipswich and beyond, The KBB Centre can help.

Thanks to 60 years of experience in the business, KBB can help you craft the perfect kitchen. With the help of our design team, you can pick the designs, colours, and finishes that bring out the best of your space. At our large Ipswich showroom, you can be sure to find plenty of inspiration. To help you settle on a design, we can create a virtual mock-up of your new kitchen using your home’s unique measurements. We also provide free quotes without obligation. Once you have created that perfect design, KBB will see to professionally installing your new kitchen. Visit our showroom in Ipswich today, or contact us online or by phone for help from our experts.

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