How LifeSpace Furniture Can Improve Your Living Room

January 25, 2021 3:00 pm

As the New Year comes around, you might be thinking about a fresh approach to your living room design. When redesigning a living room, space and layout are two fundamental factors in how it will all take shape. However, working with the space in your living room doesn’t have to be a tremendous task. With the right furniture, that effectively adapts to your available living space, you can transform your home. Thankfully, we stock a fantastic range of customisable living room furniture which does just that. Because it’s packed with intelligent design features and bags of style, LifeSpace furniture can transform the task of living room design.

LifeSpace Furniture

The Flexibility of LifeSpace Furniture

For many of us, the past year has seen us spending much more time at home than usual. During this time, we may have had to use the home for new purposes, like working or home schooling. Crown Imperial’s LifeSpace furniture range has these multipurpose needs at the very heart of its design.

Because of it’s modular design, the LifeSpace range is incredibly adaptable. When redesigning a living room, you need to account for the pokey corners of rooms, which can become wasted space. LifeSpace furniture’s flexible design makes it perfect for bringing out the potential of these often forgotten areas of your home.

Crown Imperial have created a line of furniture that offers both home-working potential and practical storage. Modular design means that you can add and take away from the furniture as you see fit. So from the smallest corner, to the largest spaces, LifeSpace will help you bring the best out of your living room.

LifeSpace offers a wide range of shelving solutions that create compact spaces to store everything from clothes to books. Some of the features included are bi-fold doors, pull out shelves, moulded desktops and hanging file drawers. You’re in control of what shelves are seen and what shelves are hidden. As well as this, the entire LifeSpace suite is compatible with every colour in Crown Imperial’s Colour Fusions range. Furniture from LifeSpace can match the style of a home just as effortlessly as it adapts to the homeowner’s needs.

See LifeSpace in Action in Ipswich

At The KBB Centre you’ll find the furniture and finishes to help inspire your next living room design project. An array of LifeSpace furniture will help you see Crown Imperial’s ergonomic design features in action. From clever storage solutions, to finely painted finishes, seeing the potential of LifeSpace furniture in person is bound to inspire.

So, if you’re planning to shake up your living room design over the new year, pay a visit to KBB East Anglia’s Ipswich showroom. Visit us to find the perfect furniture, or simply get in touch today.

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