Top Tips for Making a Small Kitchen Look Spacious

April 27, 2017 2:08 pm

For most homeowners, the perfect kitchen is a space that feels expansive. It is filled with light, life, and family activity. It encourages casual conversation and the making of memories. It is the beating heart of the house. So, what happens if you are keen to build your dream kitchen, but you have only got a limited amount of room to transform?

Small kitchens present a number of design challenges, but they have just as much potential as bigger spaces. You just have to be smarter with the décor and the furniture that you put in them. When shopping for bespoke or custom fit kitchens in Suffolk, focus on multidimensional storage solutions and slimline appliances.

Keep reading for some top tips on the best ways to make a small kitchen look extra spacious.

Opt for Clear Cabinet Doors

Rather than installing solid, blocky cabinets, consider the visual impact of clear, glass fronts. Glass substantially lightens the look of storage solutions, because it exposes extra detail. The more that you can see in the kitchen, the bigger it will feel. Just take care not to clutter cabinets with unnecessary mess as this will negate the effect.

Stick with Light Colours

One of the best ways to create the illusion of space is with light shades and tones. Think cream, white, light grey, and pastel colours. Also, if you use the same shade for the walls and the cabinets, it creates a ‘run on’ effect. Instead of dividing up the room, the cabinets become a part of the walls and appear to be further back.

Use Furniture with a Small Footprint

These days, there are lots of different products designed specifically for smaller kitchens in Suffolk. Shop for petite islands, slimline chairs, narrow tables, and pieces with long, thin bottoms, as opposed to blocky bases. Even something as simple as sticking to furniture which is off the ground, on thin legs, can make a big difference because it creates space down at the floor level.

Consider Recessed Cabinets

The great thing about going bespoke and investing in custom fit kitchens in Suffolk is the fact that you are in charge. You make the rules and are only limited by your budget. So, things which might not be an option with an off the shelf kitchen become easy. For instance, recessed storage (flush with the wall) is a superb way to add practical features without, technically, taking up any space at all.

Keep the Shelves Open

Creating space is all about emphasising clean lines and smooth transitions. The idea is that you want to visually divide the room up in as few ways as possible. For example, open shelves are useful, because they have less aesthetic weight and make a kitchen feel expansive. For an even more minimalist look, swap brackets for floating shelves.

Flood the Space with Light

This is, in many ways, the most important design tip of all. The minute that a small room becomes flooded with light, it is instantly elevated. You should never underestimate the power of light, whether it is natural or artificial. Ideally, you do want to let sunlight in through a big window, but basement kitchens can cheat by installing clever solar tubes. They reflect light from the roof, right through the building, and down into the kitchen.

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