4 Amazing Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen

March 1, 2017 4:07 pm

The kitchen has always been thought of as the heart of the home, but it is not always given the attention that it deserves when it comes to remodelling. When renovating kitchens, many families treat the space as an isolated one. It has a much firmer purpose than say, a lounge or conservatory, so the temptation is to section it off and make it feel separate.

For modern kitchen designs, however, this isn’t the best approach. These days, the trend is for more flexible spaces, which blend seamlessly with the others around them. Whether you opt for an open plan kitchen, a great room, or just a clever colour scheme that makes the space part of the house, it is important to maintain that sense of fluidity.

These superb design ideas will help you start imagining, planning, and creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Make It a Great Room

If you are keen to create a communal family vibe in your kitchen, you might want to think about designing an open plan space. The ‘great room’ refers to a kitchen that is clearly connected to the dining room or lounge. This can be done in a number of different ways.

Some homeowners install an island or peninsula, because it gives them the chance to work closer to adjoining rooms. Others get rid of the adjoining wall altogether and create a hatch and an accompanying work station; that way, they can still converse and communicate while they cook in the kitchen.

Let Your Cabinets Lead

For those who struggle with colour palettes, an easy way to liven up kitchen designs is to let the cabinets and work surfaces set the tone for the whole room. For instance, light woods like oak, maple, ash, or beech should be used if you want to keep the colour scheme similarly light and breezy.

On the other hand, wood varieties with more richness and warmth will suit slightly darker shades like the ones found in very traditional kitchens. This is a particularly useful way of picking out fixtures if you are planning to invest in fitted kitchen design. It means that you can guarantee cohesiveness and fluidity before you even start building and decorating.

Go for a Galley Design

The galley style of kitchen is increasing popular and lots of modern homeowners are choosing to incorporate it into their homes. It is best described as a layout which features two straight countertops, on either side of the kitchen (much like the galley of a ship). All of the appliances, accessories, and other features are laid out on one of these parallel sides.

The layout is a popular one because it is extremely efficient. While cooking, you can quickly turn from side to side and almost instantly reach whatever it is you need. This is a little different to more traditional designs, which see appliances and counters laid out in either a ‘U’ shape or an ‘L’ shape, with the potential for an island in the middle.

Add Some Subtle Lighting

The right lighting can transform any room and the kitchen is no exception. Yours will need strong, efficient task lighting, so that there’s plenty of brightness for cooking and other activities. Yet, it may also need some more subtle, though no less practical, choices.

For instance, the best way to eliminate the dark spots beneath counters and cupboards – particularly while rummaging around for pots and pans – is to install simple strip or spot lights along the alcoves. They are very affordable, relatively energy efficient, and they make sure that all important parts of the kitchen are illuminated.

For more helpful hints and tips on shopping for great kitchen designs, visit The KBB Centre. Or, pick up the phone and call 01473 742200 to get directions to your nearest kitchen showroom or store.

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