Enjoy elegance and comfort, with clever storage options.

New bedroom ideas

It’s the last thing you see at night, and the first each morning. Your bedroom is your haven, your private space and needs to be restful but functional, storing all your clothes and the personal effects you need while getting ready.

The KBB Centre showroom in Ipswich, Suffolk has an extensive collection of styles and new bedroom designs from Crown Imperial. There’s sure to be something to suit your home.

Crown Imperial have developed a comprehensive range of classic and contemporary bedroom furniture styles to suit every taste..

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A bespoke style statement with a wide range of finishes to produce a perfectly tailored look for your bedroom. An incredible amount of useful space..

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Bedroom ideas for your home

You spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else in your home. Okay, so you’re asleep most of the time, but all the more reason for the room to be comfortable, relaxing and warm.

Here at The KBB Centre in Ipswich, our bedroom showroom provides you with some great ideas for new bedroom furniture sets and design ideas. Whatever your personality or favourite style, our expert design team is on hand to advise and help you create a special place that will look and feel fantastic for years to come.

Getting advice is certainly worthwhile if you’re looking at upgrading a small bedroom. Space-saving is vital. Here are some cool tips to consider:

  • Use bright colours throughout
  • Don’t use a bulky bed frame
  • Place the bed in a corner
  • Add under-bed storage
  • Use mirrors to make the room bigger

If you’ve got a little more space, there’s plenty of storage options open to you, including wardrobes with clever functionality and compartments, chests of drawers, dressing tables and the like.

Be sure to think about matching your linen and curtains to your décor.

Our Ipswich bedroom showroom, which serves customers throughout East Anglia, has many bedroom suites and bedroom furniture pieces for you to browse. There are different styles and options to suit any home or budget.

You deserve exceptional service, so alongside our design advice, we offer a full planning solution so you can see your bespoke ideas on paper, and even in virtual 3D. Once you’ve made all the buying decisions, be sure to ask our in-house installation team to come and put everything together for you.

If you’d like any help, simply pop into the showroom in Dales Road, or contact us. We look forward to serving you and helping you put together the bedroom of your dreams.