5 Bedroom Design Trends That You Need to Try in 2017

June 23, 2017 2:29 pm

If you were to look at all the different bedrooms in Suffolk, you’d find a staggering variety of styles, designs, and personalities. This is a place where homeowners can get really intimate and personal. It’s not like the kitchen or the lounge. Your bedroom is a space which is designed entirely for you and that means creative freedom.

Whether you’re into sleek, minimalistic designs or warm and cosy indulgences, you can really express your character here. Plus, if you need some décor inspiration, just take a look at some of the big trends currently appearing in and around the county. From statement wallpaper to oversized headboards, muted colour pallets, and gold accents, the options are endless.

Let Your Walls Speak

Bold, statement wallpaper is making a major comeback right now. It was very popular in bedrooms about four or five years ago and it is experiencing a bit of a revival. This is, in part, because it’s becoming more affordable to invest in custom designs. Also, you don’t have to cover the entire room in bespoke paper. Often, decorating just one accent wall creates a striking aesthetic. If you limit bold prints, you can get away with some very dramatic designs.

Create a Serene Retreat

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and calm. It should be somewhere that you feel completely at ease and able to be truly indulgent. This is why most bedrooms stick with quite a muted, light colour palette. Pale shades like cream, soft green, light purple, white, and eggshell blue, and washed grey are very soothing on the eye. They also create the illusion of extra space, especially in rooms which are organised and uncluttered.

Size It Up Correctly

One common mistake, particularly in smaller bedrooms, is to ignore the need for appropriately sized furniture. Just because you can physically fit a wardrobe or dresser into the room, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks right there. Big pieces in small spaces create literal and physical barriers which affect the flow of the room. Where possible, invest in dual purpose furniture (like cabinet beds, compact dressers, and window seats) to squeeze as much practicality out of your sleep spot as possible.

Give Your Feet a Treat

At the moment, homeowners in Suffolk are going crazy for gorgeous oversized area rugs as a way to spice up their bedrooms. If you’ve got floorboards, a rug is a nice soft treat for the toes and it takes away some of the aesthetic ‘hardness’ of wood, which can be very warm and dominating at the same time. If you already have carpets, area rugs are great for adding texture, visual appeal, and personality.

A Cosy Den for Sleeping

Canopy beds are another trend which is making a big return in 2017. Often, bed frames with tall posts are written off as ostentatious and not in keeping with more minimalist styles but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern canopy beds are thinner, sleeker, and make room for open space. The posts are tall but they don’t close the sleeping quarters off from the rest of the room. If you add lightweight, gauzy curtains, you get a subtle continental mood.

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