Top 5 Bedroom Design Ideas to Compliment Your Bedroom in 2020

September 25, 2020 2:30 pm

Your bedroom may be ready for a makeover, but how do you create the perfect space? Let’s take a look at the most important elements of bedroom design in 2020.

Bedroom design

Colour Scheme

The paint colour chosen for your bedroom walls will be a major factor in creating mood. Lavender and pale lilacs can be very restful and soothing colours. If you are looking for something a little livelier, darker greens and teal are popular colours, and they complement wooden furniture well. Yellow will brighten your bedroom design and bring an air of positivity, which is great if your bedroom is also being used as an office. When choosing a colour for your walls, think of the atmosphere you are trying to create and how your choice of colour could complement this.


There has been a clear move towards taking storage space for clothes out of the bedroom and into fitted bedroom furniture housed in a separate dressing room. People in this situation won’t have an enormous wardrobe competing for valuable bedroom floor space. If you haven’t got a spare room to transform into a dressing area, fitted wardrobes and cupboards are a great way to maximise the space in your bedroom. A bespoke fitted unit will give you far more storage space than a standard wardrobe – plus they look sleek and tidy too! Other pieces of furniture to consider are the bed; as the focal point of the bedroom, its placement should reflect this. A chest of drawers and bedside tables might be all that is required to complete your room. These should match or contrast well together.

It is important not to clutter your space with furniture that has little practical use. Instead, plan out the design of your room and choose bedroom furniture which will be practical, compliment the design of your bedroom and suit the space available. A current trend in bedroom design is the choice of lighter woods and blending the old with the new, particularly with feature furniture pieces.

Making the Most out of Your Space

In bedroom design, the overriding factors for making the most out of your space should be the use of colour and light. Making the best use of the natural light coming into your room is the first consideration. Don’t shut it out with net curtains or heavy curtains that are too big for the window; opt for fitted blinds to allow you to control the light in your room. Wall and stand-alone mirrors are also becoming increasingly popular because they reflect light well. A finishing touch to complement your bedroom design is your lighting choice. Modern ceiling, table and floor lamps with can really add to the overall look and feel of your bedroom.

Bedroom Design Trends

A minimalist approach to bedroom design is the prevailing trend for 2020; but this depends on the size of the room. Designers advise using up to three colours on internal walls and fabrics. Soft furnishings such as rugs and bedding should work with the colours to brighten the room. Exposed brick work is also becoming popular, either left in its natural state or painted. Finally, if the bedroom has a wardrobe, then mirrored doors are preferred because of their light reflecting properties and ability to give a feeling of space.

Choosing a Comfortable Bed

A bed is the key piece of furniture in a bedroom design. Always take a look at the bed you intend to buy, don’t just order it online. Does the mattress fit the bed frame you are looking at? Is it supportive enough? These are questions you should try and answer before choosing the perfect bed for your room.

To find out more about the bedroom furniture we have available and for advice on designing your perfect space, please contact one of our representatives at KBB East Anglia and arrange a visit to our showroom.

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