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  • LifeSpace Furniture
    How LifeSpace Furniture Can Improve Your Living Room
    As the New Year comes around, you might be thinking about a fresh approach to your living room design. When redesigning a living room, space and layout are two fundamental factors in how it will all take shape. However, working with the space in your living room doesn’t have to be a tremendous task. With the right furniture, that effectively adapts to your available living space, you can transform your home. Thankfully, we stock a fantastic range of customisable living room furniture which does just that. Because it’s packed with intelligent design features and bags of style, LifeSpace furniture can transform the task of living room design. The Flexibility of LifeSpace Furniture For many of us, the past year has seen us spending much more time at home than usual. During this time, we may have had to use the home for new purposes, like working or home schooling. Crown Imperial’s LifeSpace furniture range has these multipurpose needs at the very heart of its design. Because ...
  • KBB East Anglia - Kitchen Design
    Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home
    The kitchen has the potential to be the beating heart of any home. With friends and family bustling round the kitchen morning, noon, and night, getting kitchen design right is important. No matter how large your room, the latest efficient and smart designs can help you maximise your kitchen space. A well-executed design will leave you with a kitchen space to be lived in, rather than worked around. Seamless storage and spacious worktops will give you the space to enjoy hosting, cooking, and living in your kitchen. Here are just a few kitchen design ideas you can incorporate into your home. Settling on the Perfect Kitchen Design If you are redesigning a smaller kitchen, there are plenty of clever storage solutions to help maximise space. The wall-to-wall shelving and storage of a galley kitchen will help make the most of every inch. This will avoid leaving behind empty corners with little practical use. Neutral colours and a simple, minimalist finish will help make the kitchen feel less...
  • Neff Home Connect Oven - KBB Centre
    Choosing The Perfect Neff Appliance For Your Kitchen
    If the idea of running your kitchen from your phone appeals to you, read on; because with Neff Home Connect, you can. When cooking for family or friends, wouldn’t it be great if you could spend more time with them instead of being tied to the kitchen? The good news is, the Neff Home Connect App allows you to do exactly that. This ground breaking technology lets you control your kitchen appliances via your wi-fi, as well as allowing them to interact with each other automatically. Founded in 2003, The KBB Centre in Ipswich is home to a team of friendly professionals; providing an extensive range of kitchen and other home appliances for their customers. We supply and fit a range of Neff appliances, and are the people to turn to for help and advice. Total control in the kitchen Let’s take a look at some of the kitchen appliances you can control with Neff Home Connect. Oven A range of delicious recipes have been created to use with the app and your Neff Home Connect oven. Just...
    NEFF Cashback
      BETWEEN 1st October and 2020 & 31st January 2021 you can claim a maximum of £1400 cashback when purchasing selected NEFF appliances as part of a kitchen * Your dream kitchen is closer than you think!!!  Make an appointment to visit our showroom to find out more and view the appliances in action. *T & C apply KBB are proud to be a NEFF MasterPartner® As approved specialists, you can visit our showroom and experience fist hand innovations such as the unique Slide&Hide®, oven doors that disappear under the cavity, making it easier to taste, baste and monitor,  CircoTherm® technology for simultaneous cooking on multiple levels or the new Venting Hob for seamless cooker-top extraction. Everything about NEFF’s latest range of innovative appliances is thoughtfully designed to get cooks closer to their cooking.   We also have access to NEFF’s own home economists with their wealth of experience, so keep an eye out on our social media pages for live videos and coo...
  • KBB East Anglia - Bathroom Installation
    Creating and Fitting Your Perfect Bathroom
    Your bathroom is the most personal area within your home, so you want it to not only look amazing but be functional as well. At KBB East Anglia we supply bathroom suites, furniture and fittings that will transform your bathroom into a place of luxury and relaxation. We have been renovating homes in the East Anglian region since 1974, and our fitted bathrooms are second to none. We will help to design a bathroom that suits your individual needs, as well as conducting fitouts and bathroom installation to ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it. Let us guide you through the process of creating and fitting your new bathroom. Designing Your Bathroom Once you know the type of bathroom you want, our expert team will guide you through the bathroom installation process. Our design team will work with you to determine the style, colour, finish and amenities needed for your new bathroom. We will also come up with a design that matches the size and location of your bathroom within t...
  • Bedroom design
    Top 5 Bedroom Design Ideas to Compliment Your Bedroom in 2020
    Your bedroom may be ready for a makeover, but how do you create the perfect space? Let’s take a look at the most important elements of bedroom design in 2020. Colour Scheme The paint colour chosen for your bedroom walls will be a major factor in creating mood. Lavender and pale lilacs can be very restful and soothing colours. If you are looking for something a little livelier, darker greens and teal are popular colours, and they complement wooden furniture well. Yellow will brighten your bedroom design and bring an air of positivity, which is great if your bedroom is also being used as an office. When choosing a colour for your walls, think of the atmosphere you are trying to create and how your choice of colour could complement this. Furniture There has been a clear move towards taking storage space for clothes out of the bedroom and into fitted bedroom furniture housed in a separate dressing room. People in this situation won’t have an enormous wardrobe competing for valuable be...
    Euro 2016 Theme For Grassroots Festival
    THE SIXTH annual KBB Suffolk FA Grassroots Festival will have a Euro 2016 theme. Registration is now open for the festival, which celebrates Youth grassroots football in the county and will take place on Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd next year. Two years ago the festival was themed around the World Cup in Brazil – next year’s festival will coincide with the Euro 2016 tournament taking place in France, starting on June 10th. Gainsborough Sports Centre in Ipswich will once again host the festival which will be open to male and female teams from under-7 to under-16. Suffolk FA Football Development Manager Nathan French, who is organising the festival, said: “We’re delighted to launch our sixth KBB Grassroots festival. “The festivals have grown year on year with over 150 teams participating over the weekend. “Our aim is to give everyone involved in the festival a great football experience and I would encourage managers across the various age groups to sign up their team...
    Signs that it’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen
    The question ‘When should I remodel my kitchen?’ can be a complex one. The right time is different for everybody. Some families like to split the renovation process up into manageable tasks and remodel, gradually, over several years. There are others who prefer to save up the cash for an extensive makeover and get it all done at once. Ultimately though, it’s time to remodel and breathe new life into a kitchen if it becomes a place that you don’t enjoy anymore. If you find yourself wishing you had somewhere nicer to eat dinner or you can’t help but flick longingly through home design magazines, the time is probably ripe for a change. So, keep an eye out for these warning signs that say a kitchen renovation is way overdue. Old and Tired Appliances Get out and start shopping for great kitchen designs in Stowmarket if your current ones are falling apart at the seams. This is clearly the most obvious indication that the space needs a makeover. If your appliances keep developing f...
    Why a Rainfall Showerhead Could Transform Your Morning Routine
    Morning shower routines are like cups of tea. There is an endless variety of ways to go about them. We all have our favourite methods. Some of us like to be pounded by jets of water, hard and fast, until our skin turns lobster pink. There are others who like to enjoy as wide a spray as possible, as they lounge and relax before starting the day. The point is that we all want something different from our showerhead. And, fortunately, the manufacturers of showers are starting to realise this. There are now lots of different types of showerhead on the market, in a range of sizes, styles, shapes, and abilities. If you like your morning showers calm and gentle, the innovative rainfall showerhead could be perfect for you. This guide to rainfall showerheads will help you inject a little relaxation into your morning bathing routine. Exploring the World of Rainfall Showerheads The rainfall showerhead is different from a conventional device, because it lets the water fall naturally. It does not p...
    5 Bathroom Design Ideas Expected to Be Huge in 2016
    If you’re considering giving a tired bathroom a much needed makeover, but find yourself struggling with design ideas, it can be useful to start right at the top. In other words, ask yourself which features are really making waves right now. What styles are high profile interior designers raving about? What does your favourite movie star have in their bathroom? Whilst the size of your budget will determine whether or not you can stretch to a gold hot tub (a la Donatella Versace), you would be surprised at how easy it is to replicate luxury designs. You can have a bathroom which looks just like the one favoured by Marilyn Monroe and you can have it a fraction of the cost. You just need to get yourself down to The KBB Centre bathroom showroom in Stowmarket and have a chat with a friendly sales advisor. Feature Floor Tiles In 2014, there was a dramatic spike in the sale of signature floor tiles and the trend seems to have stayed strong for all of this time. It might have something to do ...
    Top 5 Seasonal Bedroom Ideas
    Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house at all times. It is the place where you can relax and relieve stress after having a busy day at work or after doing strenuous activities. During every season of the year, your bedroom requires a different set up in order to cope up with the weather and with the summer season approaching, you need to start redecorating your bedroom to suit. The following are the top 5 summer decorating ideas meant to help you in turning your bedroom into a summer heaven: 1. Beautify the Bed To make your bed ready for summer, get rid of those heavy comforters and flannel sheets. Replace them with crisp bed linens made from soft and comfortable materials such as cotton. Do not go for sheets made from synthetic fibres as they usually absorb and retain heat. The colours and patterns of your bedding also play a major role in giving your bedroom a summer ambiance. Your new bed covers and linens should be white or bluish in colour. For additional be...
    Top Tips to Create a Stylish but Practical Bedroom
    Your bedroom is a private space to relax, put your feet up and forget about the stresses of daily life so it’s understandable that you’d want this space to be a stylish and beautiful place to be. Of course, style is one thing but your bedroom also needs to be practical to accommodate your clothes and belongings. Unfortunately, combining style and practicality can be difficult but it’s certainly not impossible! Here at KBB East Anglia we understand the importance of creating a usable but beautiful space and we’re here to help you make the most out of your bedroom: Stylish Storage Space Is The Key: When you think of storage space you think about ugly, cumbersome boxes but that doesn’t have to be the case. Choose beautiful furniture items that fit in with the style you’re hoping to achieve but don’t forget to think about how it will offer the storage space you need. It’s not difficult to find stylish and practical furniture, you’ve just got to look for it! Make The Most ...
    How to Make the Most of the Space in Your Bedroom
    It doesn’t matter if you live in a small and cosy cottage or a 5 bedroom detached house, we always seem to run out of space sooner or later. We constantly try to save space and cram as much into each draw as we physically can; so, how can you make the most of the space that you’ve got? Here at KBB East Anglia we are the experts when it comes to home improvement and we’ve got some great tips to help you save space in your bedroom: Vertical Thinking You’re out of floor space, there’s no two ways about it. Unless you decide to double park your chest of drawers, you’re not fitting any more furniture into your bedroom. That doesn’t mean that you’re out of space though! You’ve got plenty of room on your walls so utilise this space properly with shelving. There’s More Space than You Think So you’ve no more space in your bedroom at all? What about the big space under your bed? What about the extra space under your chest of drawers? Using the space under your bed for stora...
    Traditional, Retro or Contemporary: What’s Your Kitchen Style?
    Your kitchen is the very heart of your home and it’s where your family and guests will spend a lot of their time; whether you’re cooking the evening meal or entertaining friends, your kitchen will always play a pivotal role in your daily life. It’s a bit frustrating, therefore, if your kitchen is impractical and isn’t quite looking its best. When your kitchen no longer meets your needs or your tastes, it’s time for fresh new kitchen to fulfil your needs and even add value to your home! Here at KBB East Anglia we specialise in kitchens and no matter what your style, you’ll find perfect kitchen with us. So what is your style? Traditional Elegance is the order of the day with our traditional kitchens; we are exceptionally proud of our demure, traditional and visually stunning kitchens that make you feel right at home. The pale, soft colours and classic design will complement any traditional home and  with an elegant backdrop it’s easier than ever to let your personality shi...
    Top Tips For Creating A Modern Home Office
    When to comes to designing your new home office, great care has to be taken. You must ensure that your new room is functional enough for you to remain focussed and productive, but also is not so soulless and demotivating to the point of driving you into the living room with a laptop, where the lure of your TV is waiting. These essential, basic design tips will help you know how to choose furniture, colour schemes and layouts for that perfect modern home office. Choose Space Saving Furniture The contemporary look is all about minimalistic interior design and space saving furniture. Any desks, cabinets or work station furniture that you choose for your home office should occupy minimal space, but offer maximum function. Straight, clean lines are a must for that modern feel, too, making everything feel perfectly designed and made to measure. Here at KBB East Anglia we have a fantastically varied range of modern home office furniture from the slightly traditional natural wood finishes of t...
    New Kitchen at Longfields
    Take a look at our latest traditional style kitchen installation at Longfields, This classic in-frame design features the original appearance and style of the shaker movement. Made with a solid oak frame and a veneered centre panel. Finished in white with a granite work surface. Take a look at our latest traditional style kitchen installation at Longfields, This classic in-frame design features the original appearance and style of the shaker movement. Made with a solid oak frame and a veneered centre panel. Finished in white with a granite work surface.
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