Why You Should Choose Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes over Freestanding Furniture

May 26, 2017 10:36 am

When designing a new bedroom, there is usually quite a lot of room for creativity and playfulness. It isn’t like putting together a kitchen or a bathroom, because no part of the space is fixed or preconfigured. Inventive homeowners in Ipswich can shake things up, move furniture around, add signature pieces, and build a comfortable, personal retreat.

However, it is worth considering the value of fitted furniture. Wardrobes, in particular, benefit greatly from made to measure designs. While they are a more permanent solution than freestanding storage, they make better use of the room that you have. Plus, bespoke furniture is entirely unique. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your boudoir is one of a kind.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of fitted wardrobes and why they are a better alternative to freestanding furniture.

Better Use of Space

The thing about freestanding furniture is that you can only ever find pieces which are a close match for the space. Bespoke, made to measure furniture, on the other hand, gets designed to fit the exact specifications of the room. It means that you can turn any awkward little nook or cranny into a valuable, usable area. Or, you can have wardrobes which reach right to the ceiling, so that no space is lost overhead.

Fully Customisable

Similarly, when you shop for readymade pieces, you don’t always get exactly what you want. With fitted wardrobes, you can add a full length mirror, create a section for shoes, install metallic panels, or anything else which takes your fancy. The option to customise comes in particularly handy for unusually shaped bedrooms in Ipswich. For example, if you have sloping eaves, you can still create a wardrobe which fits.

Easier to Maintain

When wardrobes are designed to fit flush with the floor and ceiling, they are easier to maintain, because there is no real space for dust and debris to accumulate. So, you’ll spend less time cleaning and junk won’t collect on the top. This type of furniture naturally aids tidiness and organisation, as it has been designed to meet your needs. There is a space for everything and everything has its place in bespoke bedrooms.

Safe and Secure

One benefit of fitted wardrobes which is often overlooked is their safety. If you have young children or pets, there is always a risk that freestanding furniture will fall and cause injuries. With fitted wardrobes, this simply isn’t possible and you can relax knowing that curious hands aren’t going to lead to mayhem. If you choose a custom design, you might even be able to arrange to have extra safety features added on.

Cheaper Than You Think

These days, made to measure furniture is very affordable. While it normally costs a little more than readymade pieces, it offers great value in the long term, because you’re not constantly updating or replacing it. You can keep the same classic, beautiful wardrobes in your room and build the rest of the space around them. They are also likely to last longer as they are designed to work seamlessly with the fit and shape of the room.

For more information on the benefits of bespoke bedrooms in Ipswich, click here to visit The KBB Centre. Or, call 01473 742200 to get directions to your nearest showroom or store.

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