Bathrooms Portfolio

Ray Payne of Hintlesham Hall

Ray Payne of Hintlesham Hall set KBB a tall challenge...to refurbish and design the luxury hotel’s bathroom suites. He couldn’t be happier with the results.

“With 32 individually designed and decorated bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, we are always looking to find that little extra in terms of style, but reminding ourselves we are a hotel and whatever fixtures, fittings and design we choose has to be practical and durable.

Working with KBB we have created new bathrooms at the Hall that have thrilled our customers and have helped those rooms to be one of our most frequently requested from repeat guests. Given a brief from the hotel, Frances provided expert advice in choosing the right fittings for the bathroom suite we had envisaged at the Hall for the next generation of bathroom design at Hintlesham Hall.”