Why a Rainfall Showerhead Could Transform Your Morning Routine

May 9, 2016 10:05 am

Morning shower routines are like cups of tea. There is an endless variety of ways to go about them. We all have our favourite methods. Some of us like to be pounded by jets of water, hard and fast, until our skin turns lobster pink. There are others who like to enjoy as wide a spray as possible, as they lounge and relax before starting the day.

The point is that we all want something different from our showerhead. And, fortunately, the manufacturers of showers are starting to realise this. There are now lots of different types of showerhead on the market, in a range of sizes, styles, shapes, and abilities. If you like your morning showers calm and gentle, the innovative rainfall showerhead could be perfect for you.

This guide to rainfall showerheads will help you inject a little relaxation into your morning bathing routine.

Exploring the World of Rainfall Showerheads

The rainfall showerhead is different from a conventional device, because it lets the water fall naturally. It does not push it out with pressure. This is why most rainfall products are wide, completely flat, and contain more holes than average. If you are looking for relaxing showers in Suffolk, this is the way to go, because it eliminates the roughness of morning bathing.

While some people like to be given a beating by the pressure from their shower, others find that too much force can be stressful. With a rainfall showerhead, you get to enjoy the sensation of being outside, in the rain, but also delight in the heat and security of being indoors. This is a really nurturing way to wake up, particularly if you are not much of morning person.

This type of showerhead is great for use in the evening too, because it caresses the skin and reinvigorates the body, rather than placing strain on the skin. For anybody shopping for high quality showers, it is worth considering the benefits of a relaxing rainfall showerhead. The pressure may be lower, but the overall range and spread of the water tends to be higher.

Picking the Right Rainfall Showered

If you are going to invest in one of these showers, you need to have an overhead attachment. This kind of device will only work at maximum efficiency if it is placed directly above the user. You can actually buy an extension arm for your new showerhead, rather than removing the original fixture. This is the best option for homeowners on a budget.

When it comes to size, you have a choice to make. The smaller the showerhead, the greater the water pressure, so it is possible to find a balance between relaxation and power. True rainfall showerheads are around twelve inches in diameter, but it is entirely up to you how powerful you want your morning routine to be.

Now for the fun part, the visual aesthetic of your showerhead. There are lots of different shapes and sizes available, so you should find it easy to pick one which suits your bathroom. The typical rainfall showerhead is wide across the middle and very square, because this is the best shape for maximising its potential. But, you can pick a different shape if it suits you best.

If you are in Suffolk and want to find out more about having a rainfall showerhead installled, contact us via email or, pick up the phone and call 01473 806461 to request a cost estimate for a bespoke bathroom suite.

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