Thermostatic Mixer Valve

Why Your Shower Needs a Thermostatic Mixer Valve

January 25, 2017 4:04 pm

Have you ever been luxuriating in the shower and got a nasty surprise, after somebody flushed the toilet or turned the taps in the kitchen on? It’s happened to most of us at least once or twice. And, there’s nothing pleasant about that sharp, short shock of either freezing cold or scalding hot water. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution, a Thermostatic Mixer Valve.

The next time that you’re shopping for showers in Stowmarket, think about investing in a high quality thermostatic mixer valve. This is a little device that is installed within a shower system and it maintains a constant water temperature while the unit is in use. In other words, you can say goodbye to unexpected scaldings and enjoy your bathing time without fear of interruptions.

This guide to the benefits of using a thermostatic shower mixer will explain why you need one of these nifty little devices in your bathroom.

How Do Thermostatic Mixers Work?

When browsing for showers in Stowmarket, take the time to ask a sales advisor about thermostatic mixers. They’ll be able to give you some detailed information about how they work and why they are such a good idea for busy households. Essentially, these clever little valves independently combine hot and cold water until your desired temperature is reached.

They can then react instantaneously to fluctuations in pressure or temperature, by readjusting this balance. It is important to remember that thermostatic valves will only work if the cold water supply is functioning efficiently. If it fails, the valve will also shut down. However, failures and breakdowns can be easily prevented with routine maintenance and care.

What Are the Benefits of Thermostatic Mixers?

If fitted with thermostatic valves, new showers in Stowmarket are automatically made safer. There are no unexpected surprises or unpleasant shocks from temperature changes, so there is less risk of slips, trips, and falls. Plus, high quality valves are designed in a way which keeps the heat inside; they should never be hot to the touch.

Convenience is another big benefit of having a constant water temperature. You never have to worry about manually adjusting the shower settings, even when you’re washing your hair or pausing to lather up with your favourite shower gel. You can even stop the water completely and the thermostatic valve will automatically regulate and maintain the temperature, so that you can keep enjoying it when you turn it back on.

Thermostatic mixer valves are also really useful when it comes to energy efficiency. If you’re not constantly readjusting the temperature settings, you’ll save money on your water and heating bills. In fact, thermostatic valves usually pay for themselves after a period of just months, because they are so economical. This makes them a good choice for households with children and teenagers, who are prone to hogging the bathroom.

Where Can I Buy a Thermostatic Mixer Valve?

The best place to find these shower devices is in a bathroom showroom, because there are experts on hand to offer advice on their purchase and installation. You can also browse a wide selection of bathroom designs and discuss options for bespoke features.

For more tips and tricks on designing the perfect bathroom, visit The KBB Centre today. Or, call 01473 742200 to speak to a sales advisor and get directions to your nearest Stowmarket showroom.

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