Top Tips For Creating A Modern Home Office

February 5, 2013 5:19 pm

When to comes to designing your new home office, great care has to be taken. You must ensure that your new room is functional enough for you to remain focussed and productive, but also is not so soulless and demotivating to the point of driving you into the living room with a laptop, where the lure of your TV is waiting.

These essential, basic design tips will help you know how to choose furniture, colour schemes and layouts for that perfect modern home office.

Choose Space Saving Furniture

The contemporary look is all about minimalistic interior design and space saving furniture. Any desks, cabinets or work station furniture that you choose for your home office should occupy minimal space, but offer maximum function.

Straight, clean lines are a must for that modern feel, too, making everything feel perfectly designed and made to measure. Here at KBB East Anglia we have a fantastically varied range of modern home office furniture from the slightly traditional natural wood finishes of the Locano Beech range, to the ultra-modern gloss and sleek design of the Rialto Colour Collection.

Of course, as well as bringing a contemporary style to your home office, the space saving furniture will help to create a more organise and far less cluttered working space which will only serve to increase your work efficiency.

Pick A Colour Scheme To Suit You

If you think office you might have generic, demotivating colours – boring creams or whites. But the reality is that you shouldn’t pick a colour scheme just because you think it’s professional or ‘what an office should look like’. You’re going to be spending a great deal of time in your new home office so the colour scheme should reflect your tastes and complement the rest of your home.

Some people might find vibrant oranges, greens and reds really fire them up and get them in the mood for work. Others, however, might find more calming colour schemes light paler yellows and browns, as well as considering natural wood finishes for furniture.

If you’re adding a home office to your working setup and want a great choice of furniture, styles and functions then look no further than our range here at KBB East Anglia. Our fantastic selection of subtle contemporary and ultra-modern office furniture will allow you to create the perfect working environment for you – call us today on 01473 806 461 to discuss our full range.


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